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Reverse osmosis technology allows removal of 99.8% of pollution from water. This is the most advanced way to purify drinking water available for home use.


280 l/day Dow Filmtec™ reverse osmosis membrane is the core part of the filter. It purifies water at the molecular level, retaining all varieties of pollution, including bacteria and viruses.


The reverse osmosis membrane is a semi-permeable polymer fabric. Its pores are 200 times smaller than the size of viruses, therefore membrane cleaning guarantees complete biological protection. The water purified in such a way does not need to be boiled. It is completely safe for people of any age, including small children.


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Ecosoft ® Best Home Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ecosoft RoBust​

The most efficient tankless reverse osmosis system:

  • for houses

  • for the HoReCa

  • for the company office

Highest performance 

From 15 up to 100 liters of pure water per hour for your bar, restaurant, cafe or office 

The easiest service

Ecosoft RoBust can be serviced even by a child due to the smart cartridge changing

Best materials and design

Ecosoft RoBust is made using original US DOW membranes

Сompact and ergonomic

Ecosoft RoBust has no tank, smart and simple connections and filter service indicator 

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